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Shimano Terez Saltwater Rods

Redesigned for 2019, the new Shimano Terez Conventional Rods are stronger, lighter, and better suited to dominate the blue water than ever before. Featuring Shimano's Spiral-X and Hi-Power X construction, the new Terez is built on one of the world's most advanced blanks and is fitted with all custom components for a rod that is truly built to perfection. Spiral X construction consists of multiple layers comprised of carbon tape that tightly winds the blank diagonally in opposite directions, resulting in enhanced torsional rigidity without adding extra weight. This construction results in an extremely responsive rod that allows for instant power transmission and greatly enhances fish fighting capabilities. Spiral X blanks are 250% more structurally rigid and 180% less prone to twisting than standard blank construction. These advanced blanks are equipped custom Shimano Aluminum Reel Seats and wrapped with all new Fuji BKW Alconite frame guides. The 2019 Terez series covers a wide spectrum of offshore angling techniques by consisting of 12 casting models, 9 spinning, and 2 rail rods. Whether you’re fishing the Northeast or Southeast, Gulf Coast or West Coast, or traveling the world in search of exotic trophies, there's a Terez rod to fit any application.

Shimano Terez Casting Rods
Model No.LengthPowerBraid RatingTypeActionGimbalPrice
TZC70ML8'Medium30-65 lbs.ConventionalFastAluminum$299.99
TZC70M7'Medium30-65 lbs.ConventionalFastAluminum$299.99
TZC70MH7'Med-Heavy40-80 lbs.ConventionalFastAluminum$299.99
TZCX70MH7'Med-Heavy40-80 lbs.ConventionalExtra FastAluminum$299.99
TZC66H6'6Heavy50-150 lbs.ConventionalFastAluminum$299.99
TZCX66H6'6Heavy50-150 lbs.ConventionalExtra FastAluminum$299.99
TZC70H7'Heavy50-100 lbs.ConventionalFastAluminum$299.99
TZC66XH6'6Extra Heavy65-200 lbs.ConventionalFastAluminum$299.99
TZCX66XH6'6Extra Heavy65-200 lbs.ConventionalExtra FastAluminum$299.99
TZC70XH7'Extra Heavy65-200 lbs.ConventionalFastAluminum$299.99
TZC66XXH6'6Extra Extra Heavy80-200 lbs.ConventionalFastAluminum$299.99
TZCX66XXH6'6Extra Extra Heavy80-200 lbs.ConventionalExtra FastAluminum$299.99
Shimano Terez Spinning Rods
TZS72ML7' 2Med-Light15-40 lbs.SpinningFastRubber$299.99
TZS69M6'9Medium15-40 lbs.SpinningFastRubber$299.99
TZS72M7' 2Medium20-50 lbs.SpinningFastRubber$299.99
TZS69MH6'9Med-Heavy40-80 lbs.SpinningFastRubber$299.99
TZS72MH7'2Med-Heavy40-80 lbs.SpinningFastRubber$299.99
TZS69XH6'9Extra Heavy65-200 lbs.SpinningFastAluminum$299.99
TZS72XH7'2Extra Heavy65-200 lbs.SpinningFastAluminum$299.99