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Uni Butter Fish Attractant

Uni Butter Fish Attractant
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Product Description

Uni Butter is a natural scent and fish attractant made in San Diego by renowned local San Diego fisherman, and wildlife conservationist, Tommy Gomes. Like its cousin Uni Goop, the essential oils of Uni Butter are all natural from the sea. Those Uni oils are combined with a natural thickening agent. Uni Butter not only acts as a scent and attractant for fish, but also acts as a mask for unwanted odors like human scent, sunscreen, gasoline, etc...

Unlike most add-on scent attractants, Uni Butter is awesome when applied warm. In fact, most Uni Butter users keep a 2oz jar of Uni Butter either in their pockets, or in the direct sunlight. And, Uni Butter lasts for up to 6 casts, or more.

Maximize your catch by using Uni Butter each time you fish! You won’t be disappointed!