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Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Line

Extreme fighting power for big game fish. Big Game features an abrasion resistant formula that runs through rod guides with less friction, but has the shock absorption and fighting power to handle big fish in fresh- and saltwater. Trilene® Big Game™ outperforms Ande and Maxima in key tensile and shock strength tests.

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Line
Model No.Lb TestSpool SizeLengthColorPrice
10-150010 lb.1/4 lb.1500 ydsClear$10.99
12-117512 lb.1/4 lb.1175 ydsClear$10.99
15-90015 lb.1/4 lb.900 ydsClear$10.99
20-65020 lb.1/4 lb.650 ydsClear$10.99
30-44030 lb.1/4 lb.440 ydsClear$10.99
40-37040 lb.1/4 lb.370 ydsClear$10.99
50-27550 lb.1/4 lb.275 ydsClear$10.99
12-470012 lb.1 lb.4700 ydsClear$39.99
15-360015 lb.1 lb.3600 ydsClear$39.99
20-260020 lb.1 lb.2600 ydsClear$39.99
25-238025 lb.1lb.2380 ydsClear$39.99
30-176030 lb.1 lb.1760 ydsClear$39.99
40-148040 lb.1 lb.1480 ydsClear$39.99
50-109050 lb.1 lb.1090 ydsClear$39.99
60-95060 lb.1 lb.950 ydsClear$39.99
80-70080 lb.1 lb.700 ydsClear$39.99