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Accurate Boss Valiant Reels

The Accurate Boss Valiant Lever Drag Reels are part of a new breed of fishing reels! The Valiant is constructed of aluminum and is extremely light weight at just 9.3 ounces for the BV-300 and 14.4 ounces for the BV2-400. Accurate has equipped them with their patented TwinDrag system that delivers smooth, powerful drag. The lever drag system features a completely unfettered design with a single stop at strike and no buttons to push to take you into full. The stainless steel gears inside are extremely strong and deliver a smooth turn of the handle. Use these reels for inshore fishing, live bait fishing, and jigging for small tuna and mahi mahi. The Accurate Boss Valiant Lever Drag Reels are made for braid and hold 325 yards of 30 lb test for the BV-300 and 325 yards of 50 lb test for the larger BV2-400. Spool them up, pair them with modern fishing rods and go have fun catching fish after fish!

Accurate Boss Valiant Reels
Model No.Max DragBraidGear RatioWeight (Oz.)Price
BV2-4002650/4006:1 & 3:114.4$636
BV2-5003050/4756:1 & 3:116.3$662
BV2-500N3050/3006:1 & 3:116.3$662
BV2-600N3265/4005:1 & 2.2:119$687
BV2-6003265/5005:1 & 2.2:120$687
BV2-8003680/8005:1 & 2.2:125$736
BV2-800L3680/8005:1 & 2.2:125$736
BV2-800N3680/6005:1 & 2.2:124$736
BV2-100040+100/10005:1 & 2.2:129$859