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Jerry Brown Line One Non-Hollow Spectra

Jerry Brown Industries specialty is fishing line. Jerry Brown Line One Spectra has received nothing but praise from offshore anglers that have tried it. Jerry Brown Line One Spectra is available in solid color of white, blue, green, red and yellow.

Jerry Brown Line One Non-Hollow Spectra
Model No.DescriptionTestLengthColorPrice
JB-30NH-1200Non-Hollow Spectra30 lb1200 yardsWHITE$199.99
JB-30NH-2500Non-Hollow Spectra30 lb2500 yardsWHITE$419.99
JB-40NH-1200Non-Hollow Spectra40 lb1200 yardsWHITE$239.99
JB-40NH-2500Non-Hollow Spectra40 lb2500 yardsWHITE$499.99
JB-50NH-1200Non-Hollow Spectra50 lb1200 yardsWHITE$239.99
JB-50NH-2500Non-Hollow Spectra50 lb2500 yardsWHITE$499.99
JB-65NH-1200Non-Hollow Spectra65 lb1200 yardsWHITE$239.99
JB-65NH-2500Non-Hollow Spectra65 lb2500 yardsWHITE$499.99
JB-80NH-1200Non-Hollow Spectra80 lb1200 yardsWHITE$259.99
JB-80NH-2500Non-Hollow Spectra80 lb2500 yardsWHITE$529.99
JB-100NH-1200Non-Hollow Spectra100 lb1200 yardsWHITE$259.99
JB-100NH-2500Non-Hollow Spectra100 lb2500 yardsWHITE$529.99