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Luhr Jensen Krocodiles

Krocodiles are stamped and formed from solid brass. Heavy for their size, Krocodiles offer great castability without sacrificing fish attracting action. These lures offer versatility and work on all types of fish.

Luhr Jensen Krocodile Lures
Model No.Size (Oz.)ColorPrice
1003-012-04671/2Chrome Green Mackerel$6.99
1003-058-01505/8Chrome Silver P-Lite$6.99
1003-100-04671Chrome Green Mackerel$8.49
1003-100-01501Chrome Silver P-Lite$8.49
1003-100-04661Chrome Blue Mackerel$8.49
1003-214-01502.25Chrome Silver P-Lite$14.99
1003-212-01502.50Chrome Silver P-Lite$14.99