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Promar Nets and Accessories

American Maple Inc., headquartered in Gardena, California, is a leading global manufacturer of fishing tackle and outdoor products with over 50 years of manufacturing and product development experience. American Maple manufactures more than 300 products under the Promar and Ahi USA brands. Driven by innovation and rooted in quality, they design, build, and customize premium products to provide an enhanced experience for the outdoor enthusiast.

Promar Nets
NE-1044 Arm Trap/Pot Harness$8.99
RSB-7007FT Sabiki Stick Bait Catcher$74.99
RSB-8008FT Sabiki Stick Bait Catcher$74.99
LN-410Bait Well Net$15.99
SP-6006 LED Headlamp$15.99
AC-7102-Speed Live Bait Aerator$15.99
GL-200-LLatex Grip Gloves-Large$5.99
GL-200-XLLatex Grip Gloves-XLarge$5.99
GL-MFillet Grip Gloves-Medium$3.99
GL-LFillet Grip Gloves-Large$3.99
GL-XLFillet Grip Gloves-XLarge$3.99
GF-301Floating Telescopic Gaff $44.99
GF-302Floating Telescopic Gaff $55.99
LN-701Collapsible Net Size 16 x 16 In. $29.99
LN-703Collapsible Net Size 22 x 25 In. $59.99
Cast NetNet Size 4' $39.99