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Rapala Countdown Magnum

Rapala Countdown Magnums deliver the best performance for hardhitting saltwater game. Built to take the abuse of Blues, Tarpon, Tuna and Wahoo, Magnums are the world's number one saltwater hardbodied lure. And like all saltwater Rapalas, Magnums come fitted with Perma Steel rust-resistant hardware for maximum life and performance in saltwater.

Rapala Countdown Magnum
Model No.LengthWeightColorTreble HooksPrice
CDMAG11 FT4 3/8 in.7/8 Oz.FiretigerTwo No. 1$15.99
CDMAG11 GM4 3/8 in.7/8 Oz.Green MackerelTwo No. 1$15.99
CDMAG11 BSRD4 3/8 in.7/8 Oz.Blue SardineTwo No. 1$15.99
CDMAG14 FT5 1/2 in.1 1/4 Oz.FiretigerTwo No. 2/0$17.99
CDMAG14 PM5 1/2 in.1 1/4 Oz.Purple MackerelTwo No. 2/0$17.99
CDMAG18 FT7 in.2 3/8 Oz.FiretigerTwo No. 4/0$19.99
CDMAG18 PM7 in.2 3/8 Oz.Purple MackerelTwo No. 4/0$19.99
CDMAG22 PM9 in.3 1/2 Oz.Purple MackerelTwo No. 7/0$21.99
CDMAG22 GM9 in.3 1/2 Oz.Green MackerelTwo No. 7/0$21.99
CDMAG26 GM10.5 in.4 1/2 Oz.Green MackerelTwo No. 10/0$36.99
CDMAG26 PM10.5 in.4 1/2 Oz.Purple MackerelTwo No. 10/0$36.99