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Shimano ORCA Top-Water Lures

The Shimano Orca lures are the number one top water lures. These lures imitate an injured bait fish with rod jerking motion. The movement of the Shimano Orca lures is that of a pop and dive with side-to-side rolling action, this in turn makes a more realistic injured fish movement. The internal weight of the lure causes the movement. The Shimano Orca lures are durable with stainless wire through construction. Watch your lure fly through the air as the Orca lures have a unique aerodynamic design which allows for a more powerful and longer cast. Don't worry about holding onto and securing your catch because the Shimano Orca lures are equipped with ultra sharp, high tensile strength treble hooks to accomplish this efficiently.

Shimano Orca Lures
Model No.DescriptionSizePrice
OT160JEBS160mm BLUE/SARDINE2 Oz.$24.99
OT160JECS160mm CLEAR/SILVER2 Oz.$24.99
OT160JEGM160mm GREEN/MACK2 Oz.$24.99
OT160JEKV160mm BLACK/SILVER2 Oz.$24.99
OT160JEPG160mm PURPLE/GOLD2 Oz.$24.99
OT160JEPS160mm PINK/SILVER2 Oz.$24.99
OT190JEBS190mm BLUE/SARDINE3 Oz.$29.99
OT190JECS190mm CLEAR/SILVER3 Oz.$29.99
OT190JEGM190mm GREEN/MACK3 Oz.$29.99
OT190JEKV190mm BLACK/SILVER3 Oz.$29.99
OT190JEPG190mm PURPLE/GOLD3 Oz.$29.99
OT190JEPS190mm PINK/SILVER3 Oz.$29.99