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Tady Lures

Tady Lures has been in the fishing lure industry for over 4 decades. Tady Lures is still around today because they have a proven product. Fish love Tady and fishermen love casting them. You know the fish don't have a chance if you are using a Tady!

Tady Lures
Model No.LengthWeightColorPrice
Tady 14A Lures
14A GLOW7 In.8 Oz.ALL GLOW$24.99
Tady Y2 Lures
Y2-CR5 In.3.5 Oz.Chrome/Red$14.99
Tady TLC Lures
TLC-C-T3.5 In.3 Oz.Chrome$10.99
TLC-BYW-T3.5 In.3 Oz.Brown Yellow White (Egg)$9.99
TLC-GY-T3.5 In.3 Oz.Green Yellow$9.99
TLC-GS-T3.5 In.3 Oz.Green Sardine$9.99
TLC-BW-T3.5 In.3 Oz.Blue & White$9.99
TLC-WRGLO-S3.5 In.3 Oz.White Glow w/Red$10.99
Tady AA Lures
AA-MNT-SARD-T4.75 In.3.6 Oz.Mint/Sardine$10.99
AA-MNTWHT-T4.75 In.3.6 Oz.Mint White$10.99
AA-BW-T4.75 In.3.6 Oz.Blue & White$10.99
AA-BYW-T4.75 In.3.6 Oz.Brown White Yellow$10.99
AA-WG-S4.75 In.3.6 Oz.White/Glow Siwash$11.99
AA-C-T4.75 In.3.6 Oz.Chrome$11.99
AA-BC-T4.75 In.3.6 Oz.Blue Chrome$11.99
Tady #9 Lures
#9-MINT-T4.75 In.3.6 Oz.Mint$10.99
#9-BWY-T4.5 In.3.6 Oz.Scrambled Egg$10.99
#9-GY-T4.5 In.3.6 Oz.Green & Yellow$10.99
#9-GS-T4.5 In.3.6 Oz.Green Sardine$10.99
#9-BW-T4.5 In.3.6 Oz.Blue & White$10.99
#9-C-T4.5 In.3.6 Oz.Chrome$12.49
#9-BC-T4.5 In.3.6 Oz.Blue Chrome$12.49
#9-BC-BG4.5 In.3.6 Oz.Blue Chrome Big Game$13.99
Tady A2 Lures
A2-BYW-T4.75 In.4.2 Oz.Brown Yellow White$10.99
A2-GY-T4.75 In.4.2 Oz.Green Yellow$10.99
A2-GS-T4.75 In.4.2 Oz.Green Sardine$10.99
A2-BW-T4.75 In.4.2 Oz.Blue & White$10.99
A2-C-T4.75 In.4.2 Oz.Chrome$11.99
A2-BC-T4.75 In.4.2 Oz.Blue Chrome$12.99
A2-WRGLO-T4.75 In.4.2 Oz.White W/ Red S Glow$15.99
A2-WRGLO-S4.75 In.4.2 Oz.White W/ Red S Glow$16.99
Tady #4/0 Lures
#4/0-GY-T5.75 In.5.9 Oz.Green & Yellow$12.49
#4/0-RC-T5.75 In.5.9 Oz.Red Crab$12.49
#4/0-BW-T5.75 In.5.9 Oz.Blue White$12.49
#4/0-DRD-T5.75 In.5.9 Oz.Dorado$12.49
#4/0-BYW-T5.75 In.5.9 Oz.Scrambled Egg$12.49
#4/0-BC-T5.75 In.5.9 Oz.Blue Chrome$13.49
#4/0-C-T5.75 In.5.9 Oz.Chrome$13.49
Tady C Lures
C-C-T4.25 In.2.2 Oz.Chrome$12.49
C-BYW-T4.25 In.2.2 Oz.Brown Yellow White$11.99
C-MINT-T4.25 In.2.2 Oz.Mint$11.99
C-BW-T4.25 In.2.2 Oz.Blue & White$11.99
C-MNTWHT-T4.25 In.2.2 Oz.Mint/White$11.99
C-GY-T4.25 In.2.2 Oz.Green & Yellow$11.99
Tady #45 Lures
#45-HOLO-SQUID6.25 In.2.9 Oz.Holographic Squid$15.99
#45-WM-T6.25 In.2.9 Oz.White Mint$12.99
#45-BW-T6.25 In.2.9 Oz.Blue & White$12.99
#45-GY-T6.25 In.2.9 Oz.Green & Yellow$12.99
#45-BYW-T6.25 In.2.9 Oz.Brown Yellow White$12.99
#45-RC-T6.25 In.2.9 Oz.Red Crab$12.99