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Shimano Tiagra Reels

Smooth, powerful 2-speed reels for today's performance-minded big game fisherman. Every model is machined from solid 7mm pipe stock aluminum for relentless strength and secure alignment under duress. Features smooth push-button shifting backed by permanently lubed A-RB® Anti-Rust Bearings for easy handling at all times. Traditional style drag curves on most models provide an area of low drag pressure just above strike level--great for holding baits in the wake, but light enough to reduce the chances of pulling the hook out of the fish's mouth. LRS models feature a special drag curve for fishing heavy lines with extra-tight drag settings.

Features include:

  • Specially treated A-RB Anti-Rust Bearings--at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel bearings
  • Metal frames keep moving parts in precise alignment for increased efficiency and durability
  • Permalube® lubrication for effortless freespooling and long-term protection
  • Ratcheting drag lever eliminates play due to boat vibration
  • Twin Disk Drag System (Ti16 and Ti130 only) effectively doubles the drag surface for a wider range of settings and increased durability
  • Offset ergonomic power grip with soft, nonslip Septon® grip (all models except Ti12 and Ti16) allows natural hand, arm and wrist angles for greater power and comfort

  • Shimano Tiagra Reels
    Model No.BearingsMonoGear RatioWeight (Oz.)Price
    TI16630 / 4303.9:1 & 1.7:137.9$549.99
    TI20A420 / 6903.9:1 & 1.7:149.7$559.99
    TI30A430 / 7003.9:1 & 1.7:152.4$579.99
    TI30WLRSA450 / 5703.9:1 & 1.7:155.6$599.99
    TI50A450 / 6003.1:1 & 1.3:183.4$649.99
    TI50WA450 / 8503.1:1 & 1.3:186.3$699.99
    TI50WLRSA480 / 5503.1:1 & 1.3:186.3$699.99
    TI80WA480 / 9502.5:1 & 1.3:1115.2$899.99
    TI130A6130 / 10002.2:1 & 1.15:1174.1$1299.99