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Shimano Terez Rail Rod Pearl White TZCR74XXHPW

Shimano Terez Rail Rod Pearl White TZCR74XXHPW
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Product Description

 Model   Power  Action  Length  Line Weight   Gimbal 
  TZCR74XXHPW     XX-Heavy     Fast     7'4"   130-200 Lb.     Aluminum  

The Terez Rail rods were designed to match up perfectly with Talica to fish heavy Power Pro to chase down Cow Tuna. There are 3 actions within the Terez Rail rod family. The Heavy action was designed to fish with the Talica 25 with 80-100lb Power Pro with a Top Shot in the 60-80lb range. The Extra Heavy was designed for either the Talica 25 for a finesse type 100lb rig or with the Talica 25 with 130lb power pro and top shots in the 80-100lb range. The Extra Extra Heavy rod is designed to be fished with a Talica 50 with 150 or 200lb Power Pro and a top shot in the 125-150lb range.