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Warbaits Slayer Heads


  • Streamline head design for fishing heavy cover
  • Gill vents for more natural skirt movement
  • Mustad UltraPoint heavy wire hook with spike
  • StonePro powder coat paint
  • "Match the Hatch" colorways
  • PerFlex weed guard
  • 3D bubble eyes

  • Warbaits Slayer Heads
    Model No.WeightColorHook SizeQty/PackPrice
    CAMO 3/8-3/03/8 OzCamo3/02$6.99
    DDAYZ 3/8-3/03/8 OzDark Dayz3/02$6.99
    SEXYDINE 3/8-3/03/8 OzSexy Dine3/02$6.99
    BURNT 3/8-3/03/8 OzBurnt3/02$6.99
    RED 3/8-3/03/8 OzRed3/02$6.99
    CAMO 1/2-4/01/2 OzCamo4/02$6.99
    DDAYZ 1/2-4/01/2 OzDark Dayz4/02$6.99
    SEXYDINE 1/2-4/01/2 OzSexy Dine4/02$6.99
    BURNT 1/2-4/01/2 OzBurnt4/02$6.99
    RED 1/2-4/01/2 OzRed4/02$6.99
    WHITE 1/2-4/01/2 OzWhite4/02$6.99
    BLK GOLD 1/2-4/01/2 OzBlack Gold4/02$6.99
    CAMO 3/4-6/03/4 OzCamo6/02$7.49
    DDAYZ 3/4-6/03/4 OzDark Dayz6/02$7.49
    SEXYDINE 3/4-6/03/4 OzSexy Dine6/02$7.49
    BURNT 3/4-6/03/4 OzBurnt6/02$7.49
    CAMO 1.0-6/01.0 OzCamo6/02$7.59
    DDAYZ 1.0-6/01.0 OzDark Dayz6/02$7.59
    SEXYDINE 1.0-6/01.0 OzSexy Dine6/02$7.59
    BURNT 1.0-6/01.0 OzBurnt6/02$7.59
    CAMO 1.5-7/01.5 OzCamo7/02$7.79
    DDAYZ 1.5-7/01.5 OzDark Dayz7/02$7.79
    SEXYDINE 1.5-7/01.5 OzSexy Dine7/02$7.79
    BURNT 1.5-7/01.5 OzBurnt7/02$7.79