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Phenix Elixir Trout Rods

Composed of ultra-graphite and designed for the most demanding of game, the Elixir series was custom built with trout season in mind. Inspired by traditional high quality fly rods, the Elixir series delivers superb performance when targeting hard fighting trout and the utmost sensitivity that insures you never miss a beat.

Phenix Elixir Trout Rods
Model No.LengthPiecesGuidesLine RatingActionPrice
FX561-15' 61Alps SF S-61-4Fast$169
FX601-161Alps SF S-61-6Fast$179
FX601-262Alps SF S-61-5Fast$179
FX661-16'61Alps SF S-61-6Fast$189
FX661-26'62Alps SF S-62-6Fast$189
FX701-171Alps SF S-62-6Fast$199
FX701-272Alps SF S-62-6 3wtFast$199
FX761-17'61Alps SF S-62-6Fast$209
FX761-27'61Alps SF S-62-6 3wtFast$209
FX801-282Alps SF S-61-6 3wtFast$219
FX802-282Alps SF S-62-8 4/5wtFast$219
FX862-28'62Alps SF S-62-8 4/5wtFast$239
FX902-292Alps SF S-62-8 4/5wtFast$249