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Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Spectra

Spectra fiber braided fishing lines have been around for quite some time and have enjoyed widespread acceptance in the past few years, despite the fact that the Spectra fiber is opaque and not the best for the presentation of a bait or lure, therefore requiring the use of a less-visible monofilament or fluorocarbon leader. This first generation Spectra fiber line required a bulky knot at this connection from the braided line to the monofilament leader, difficult to tie correctly and never developing to 100% of the line strength. Line One Hollow Braided Spectra fiber line has overcome this problem and more...

  • SpectraŽ to Spectra
  • SpectraŽ to Mono
  • No-Knots - No Loss of Line Strength
  • No Albright or Bimini Twist knots like other SpectraŽ lines
  • Truly Hollow allowing for "Chinese Finger Cuff" Splices Nearly Un-noticeable in Rod Guides and across Guide Rollers
  • Ultra-Fine fiber means Silky Smooth Strength Your eyes can tell, your hands will appreciate the difference
  • Longer Life and Damage Resistance Sunlight-resistant

  • Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Spectra
    Model No.DescriptionTestLengthColorPrice
    JB-60-1200Spliceable Hollow Spectra 60lb60 lb1200 yardsWHITE$339.99
    JB-60-2500Spliceable Hollow Spectra 60lb60 lb2500 yardsWHITE$699.99
    JB-80-1200Spliceable Hollow Spectra 80lb80 lb1200 yardsWHITE$379.99
    JB-80-2500Spliceable Hollow Spectra 80lb80 lb2500 yardsWHITE$749.99
    JB-100-1200Spliceable Hollow Spectra 100lb100 lb1200 yardsWHITE$359.99
    JB-100-2500Spliceable Hollow Spectra 100lb100 lb2500 yardsWHITE$749.99
    JB-130-1200Spliceable Hollow Spectra 130lb130 lb1200 yardsWHITE$319.99
    JB-130-2500Spliceable Hollow Spectra 130lb130 lb2500 yardsWHITE$659.99
    JB-200-1200Spliceable Hollow Spectra 200lb200 lb1200 yardsWHITE$379.99
    JB-200-2500Spliceable Hollow Spectra 200lb200 lb2500 yardsWHITE$759.99
    JB-300Spliceable Hollow Spectra 300lb300 lb1200 yardsWHITE$419.99
    JB-500Spliceable Hollow Spectra 500lb500 lb1200 yardsWHITE$519.99