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Promar Hoop Nets

Unsurpassed in quality and proven to catch more, these are the nets that anglers have asked for by name. These patented exclusive nets are ideal for catching crabs, lobsters, or landing fish from a boat, pier, bridge, or other overhanging structure. The extra deep design and spook-proof polyethylene netting is extremely efffective in preventing the escape of your catch. Zinc galvanized steel construction prevents rust on upper and lower rings.

Promar Hoop Nets
Local Pickup Only
Non-collapsible 36 Inch Ambush Hoop Nets1$89.99
NE-107XL-CPNon-collapsible 36 inch Ambush Hoop Nets 6$529
Local Pickup Only
Non-collapsible 32 Inch Ambush Hoop Nets1$74.99
NE-107-CPNon-collapsible 32 Inch Ambush Hoop Nets8$590
Local Pickup Only
Deluxe 32 in. Hoop Net Rigged w/2-Floats & 100' Rope1$49.99
NE-102-CPDeluxe 32 in. Hoop Net Rigged w/2-Floats & 100' Rope10$490
Local Pickup Only
Deluxe 36 in. Hoop Net Rigged w/2-Floats & 100' Rope1$59.99
NE-102J-CPDeluxe 36 in. Hoop Net Rigged w/2-Floats & 100' Rope8$470
NE-103PROAmbush Rigging Kits1$49.99
AC-300SPromar Small Wire Bait Cages1$7.99
AC-300Promar Wire Bait Cages1$9.99
AC-300SPPromar PVC Bait Cages1$21.99
RT-006Promar Reflective Tapes1$11.99
AC-320Promar Multipurpose Gauge1$5.49
AC-350Promar Bait Cage Snaps10/pack$12.99