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Momoi Diamond Braid

Momoi Diamond Braid incorporates the latest braiding techniques which improve strength at diameter, 3% stretch and bonded color-fastness that prevent flaking or fading. This process produces a round line that ensures greater reel capacity, decreased twist, distance casting and longer fishing life. Diamond Braid's perfect roundness allows tighter spool winding, prevents line from "knifing" through spools and significantly improves knotting performance. Diamond Braid is also a hollow core from 80lb, through 200lb - perfect for splicing.

Momoi Diamond Braid
Model No.Lb TestColorHollowSpool SizePrice
63015-915Brilliant BlueNo300 Yards$35.99
63020-320Brilliant BlueNo300 Yards$35.99
63030-230Brilliant BlueNo300 Yards$35.99
63065-465Brilliant BlueNo300 Yards$42.99
63080-780Brilliant BlueNo300 Yards$47.99
66050-750Brilliant BlueNo600 Yards$86.99
66065-165Brilliant BlueNo600 Yards$94.99
66180-180Brilliant BlueNo600 Yards$95.99
66080-480Brilliant BlueHollow Core600 Yards$209.99
66100-9100Brilliant BlueHollow Core600 Yards$104.99
66130-6130Brilliant BlueHollow Core600 Yards$104.99
61050-250Brilliant BlueNo1200 Yards$153.99
61065-665Brilliant BlueNo1200 Yards$188.99
61180-680Brilliant BlueNo1200 Yards$190.99
61080-980Brilliant BlueHollow Core1200 Yards$374.99
61100-4100Brilliant BlueHollow Core1200 Yards$195.99
61130-1130Brilliant BlueHollow Core1200 Yards$195.99
65020-120Brilliant BlueNo5000 Yards$540.99
65030-030Brilliant BlueNo5000 Yards$540.99
65050-850Brilliant BlueNo5000 Yards$555.99
65065-265Brilliant BlueNo5000 Yards$681.99
65180-280Brilliant BlueNo5000 Yards$715.99
65080-580Brilliant BlueHollow Core5000 Yards$1,405.99
65100-0100Brilliant BlueHollow Core5000 Yards$792.99
65130-7130Brilliant BlueHollow Core5000 Yards$792.99
65200-7200Brilliant BlueHollow Core2500 Yards$568.99