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Shimano Colt Sniper (Current Sniper) Jigs

The Shimano Coltsniper Jigs can be fished from the shoreline casting or from the boat that needs a longer cast into busting fish on surface. The slim and flashy jig creates an outstanding action under the water.


  • Bullet aerodynamic design
  • Perfect size mimics the baitfish
  • Zinc-coated treble hook

  • Shimano Coltsniper Jigs
    Model No.ColorSizePrice
    JM002MEAJBrown Aji21g/.75 oz.$7.99
    JM004MEBPBlue Pink35g/1.23 oz.$7.99
    JM005MEBPBlue Pink42g/1.48 oz.$7.99
    JM005MEBSBlue Sardine42g/1.48 oz.$7.99
    JM005MEAJBrown Aji42g/1.48 oz.$7.99
    JM005MEGMGreen Mackerel42g/1.48 oz.$7.99
    JM006MECSChartreuse Silver60g/2.11 oz.$8.99
    JM006MEBSBlue Sardine60g/2.11 oz.$8.99
    JM006MEBPBlue Pink60g/2.11 oz.$8.99
    JM006MEGMGreen Mackerel60g/2.11 oz.$8.99
    JM006MEAJBrown Aji60g/2.11 oz.$8.99
    JM006MERIReal Iwashi60g/2.11 oz.$8.99
    JM007MECSChartreuse Silver80g/2.8oz.$9.99
    JM007MEAJBrown Aji80g/2.8oz.$9.99
    JM007MEGMGreen Mackerel80g/2.8oz.$9.99
    JM007MEBSBlue Sardine80g/2.8oz.$9.99
    JM007MEBPBlue Pink80g/2.8oz.$9.99
    JM007MERIReal Iwashi80g/2.8oz.$9.99
    JM008MECSChartreuse Silver100g/3.5 oz.$9.99
    JM008MEAJBrown Aji100g/3.5 oz.$9.99
    JM008MEBSBlue Sardine100g/3.5 oz.$9.99
    JM008MERIReal Iwashi100g/3.5 oz.$9.99
    JM008MEGMGreen Mackerel100g/3.5 oz.$9.99
    JM008MEBPBlue Pink100g/3.5 oz.$9.99
    JM008MECICandy Iwashi100g/3.5 oz.$9.99
    JM009MEBPBlue Pink120g/4.23 oz.$9.99
    JM009MERIReal Iwashi120g/4.23 oz.$9.99
    JM009MECICandy Iwashi120g/4.23 oz.$9.99
    JM009MEAJBrown Aji120g/4.23 oz.$9.99
    JM009MEGMGreen Mackerel120g/4.23 oz.$9.99
    JM009MEBSGreen Mackerel120g/4.23 oz.$9.99