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Calstar Black West Coast Series Rods

Black fiberglass rod blank with a teal base wrap with black wraps over the guide. The Black West Coast Series Rod is a high performance Fiberglass Rod that sets the standard for anglers worldwide.
Calstar Live Bait Rods
Model No.LengthGuidesReel SeatLine RatingActionPrice
BWC-195-6C6'7 S.S. CONV.FUJI8-20Fast$310
BWC-196-6C6'7 S.S. CONV.FUJI10-25Fast$310
BWC-196-6S6'6 S.S. SPINFUJI10-25Fast$310
BWC-196-7C7'8 S.S. CONV.FUJI10-25Fast$345
BWC-210-S7.5'7 S.S. SPINFUJI10-30Fast$345
BWC-270-7C7'8 S.S. CONVFUJI12-30Fast$345
BWC-270-7S7'7 S.S. SPINFUJI12-30Fast$345
BWC-865-C6.5'8 S.S. CONVFUJI15-40Fast$365
BWC-865-XH-C6.5'8 S.S. CONVFUJI25-60Fast$390
BWC-870-C7'8 S.S. CONVFUJI15-40Fast$365
BWC-870-S7'7 S.S. SPINFUJI15-40Fast$365
BWC-970-C7'8 S.S. CONVFUJI20-40Fast$380
BWC-970-S7'7 S.S. SPINFUJI20-40Fast$380
Calstar Deck Hand Special Rods
Model No.LengthGuidesReel SeatLine RatingActionPrice
BWCDH-196-C8'10 S.S. CONVCORK-TAPE10-25FastIn store pickup only
BWCDH-220-C8.5'10 S.S. CONVCORK-TAPE15-30FastIn store pickup only
BWCDH-270-C8'10 S.S. CONVCORK-TAPE12-30FastIn store pickup only
BWCDH-270H-C8'10 S.S. CONVCORK-TAPE15-40FastIn store pickup only
BWCDH-6480-C8'10 S.S. CONVCORK-TAPE30-60Ex-FastIn store pickup only
BWCDH-690J-C9'10 S.S. CONVCORK-TAPE20-40ModIn store pickup only
BWCDH-90J-C9'10 S.S. CONVCORK-TAPE30-60ModIn store pickup only
BWCDH-100J-C10'10 S.S. CONVCORK-TAPE20-50ModIn store pickup only
Calstar Jig / Bait Rods
Model No.LengthGuidesReel SeatLine RatingActionPrice
BWC-610-C7'8 S.S. CONVFUJI25-60Mod$401
BWC-660-C6'7 S.S. CONVFUJI20-50Fast$365
BWC-665-C6.5'8 S.S. CONVFUJI20-50Fast$367
BWC-670-C7'8 S.S. CONVFUJI20-50Fast$369
BWC-655H-C5.5'6 S.S. CONVFUJI30-80Fast$377
BWC-660H-C6'7 S.S. CONVFUJI30-80Fast$385
BWC-665H-C6.5'8 S.S. CONVFUJI30-80Fast$395
Calstar Trolling / Bait Rods
Model No.LengthGuidesReel SeatLine RatingActionPrice
BWC-660H-RS/RT6'6 S.S. CONV. WITH AFTCOFUJI30-80Fast$439
BWC-655XH-RS/RT5.5'6 S.S. CONV. WITH AFTCOFUJI40-100Fast$439
BWC-660XH-RS/RT6'6 S.S. CONV. WITH AFTCOFUJI40-100Fast$439
Calstar Tuna Rods
Model No.LengthGuidesReel SeatLine RatingActionPrice
BWC-655XH A/R5.5'5 AFTCO ROLLERAFTCO50-100Fast$649
BWC-655XXH A/R5.5'5 AFTCO ROLLERAFTCO50-120Fast$659
BWC-6455XH A/R5.5'5 AFTCO ROLLERAFTCO40-100Ex-Fast$649
BWC-6455XXH A/R5.5'5 AFTCO ROLLERAFTCO50-100Ex-Fast$655
BWC-6460XH A/R6'6 AFTCO ROLLERAFTCO40-100Ex-Fast$705
BWC-660XXH A/R6'6 AFTCO ROLLERAFTCO50-120Ex-Fast$711