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Salas Lures

Salas Lures has been around since the early nineteen fifties. These world famous jigs have been used to hook fish everywhere. Salas jigs specialize in catching yellowtail, white seabass, tuna, barracuda, skipjack, marlin, bonita, albacore, wahoo, etc.

Salas Lures
Model No.LengthWeightColorPrice
Salas 6X Jr Lures
6XJR-MINT4.5 In.4.5 Oz.MINT$9.99
6XJR-BW4.5 In.4.5 Oz.Blue White$9.99
6XJR-GY4.5 In.4.5 Oz.Green Yellow$9.99
6XJR-MS4.5 In.4.5 Oz.Mint Sardine$9.99
6XJR-SE4.5 In.4.5 Oz.Scramble Egg$9.99
Salas 6X Lures
6X-RC6 In.7 Oz.Red Crab$10.99
6X-MS6 In.7 Oz.Mint Sardine$10.99
6X-SE6 In.7 Oz.Scramble Egg$10.99
6X-BW6 In.7 Oz.Blue White$10.99
6X-GS6 In.7 Oz.Green Sardine$10.99
6X-PL6 In.7 Oz.Pink Lady$10.99
Salas 7X Heavy Lures
7X-RC-T6.5 In.9 Oz.Red Crab$10.99
7X-EGG6.5 In.9 Oz.Scrambled Egg$10.99
7X-BW6.5 In.9 Oz.Blue White$10.99
Salas PL-68 Lures
PL68-Glow7.5 In.10.5 Oz.White-Glow$11.99
PL68-Glow/Tuna Hook7.5 In.10.5 Oz.White-Glow$13.99
Salas 7X Jr Lures
7XJR-BW5.5 In.2.3 Oz.Blue White$8.99
7XJR-DRD5.5 In.2.3 Oz.Dorado$8.99
7XJR-GS5.5 In.2.3 Oz.Green Sardine$8.99
7XJR-MS5.5 In.2.3 Oz.Mint Sardine$8.99
7XJR-GY5.5 In.2.3 Oz.Green Yellow$8.99
7XJR-SE5.5 In.2.3 Oz.Scramble Egg$8.99
Salas 7X Light Lures
7X-BW6.5 In.3.5 Oz.Blue White$9.99
7X-SE6.5 In.3.5 Oz.Scrambled Egg$9.99
7X-MS6.5 In.3.5 Oz.Mint Sardine$9.99
Salas Super 7X Lures
SP7X-BW8 In.5.5 Oz.Blue & White$10.99
Christy 2 Lures
CHRISTY2-GY4.5 In.3.5 Oz.Green Yellow$7.99
CHRISTY2-BW4.5 In.3.5 Oz.Blue White$7.99
CHRISTY2-DRD4.5 In.3.5 Oz.Dorado$7.99
Salas JPot Lures
JPOT-BW6 In.2.8 Oz.Black White$7.99
JPOT-BluW6 In.2.8 Oz.Blue White$7.99
JPOT-GY6 In.2.8 Oz.Green Yellow$7.99
JPOT-PS6 In.2.8 Oz.Purple Sardine$7.99
JPOT-DRD6 In.2.8 Oz.Dorado$7.99