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Phenix Rods Black Diamond Series

Phenix Rod Company has return with new innovations and greater selections. We are proud to be a part of the resurgent of these high quality rods. These rods are the slimmest in the market today. But don't let the small diameters fool you, pound for pound, they are the strongest rods in the industry. Phenix blanks are made from the latest Japanese fiber techology available only from Toray, the maker of premium lines. All factory rods feature innovative handle designs and are beautifully built with top of the line components by Alps and Fuji.

The Phenix Hybrid is the world's first fully woven Carbon Fiber blank. The blank is a unique blend of high strength woven Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. This innovative combination of materials is the latest technology from the aerospace and automotive industry. After years of R&D, Phenix has finally successfully applied this technology into fishing rod blank applications. Engineered to the concept of being lightweight yet unbeliveably strong, the Phenix Hybrid delivers an action that is far superior to any traditional glass or graphite blank.

Phenix designed their Black Diamond rods to address the needs of today’s saltwater fishermen. Composed of their own proprietary “Super Graphite” material, Phenix rods are the most sensitive, lightest and strongest rods in the market.

Whether you are catching bluefish in the Chesapeake Bay, school size albacore tuna in the open ocean or marlin in Baja Mexico, the Black Diamond line has a rod for every situation.

Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Rods
Model No.TypeLengthLine RatingActionPrice
PHD838MHCasting8' 315-40FastIn store pickup only
PHD888MHCasting8' 815-40FastIn store pickup only
PHD760HCasting7' 620-60Fast$449.00
PHD760MHCasting7' 615-40Fast$419.00
PHD760XHCasting7' 630-80Fast$479.00
PHD809XHCasting8'30-80FastIn store pickup only
PHD660X2HCasting6' 640-100Fast$509.00
PHD660X3HCasting6' 660-130Fast$529.00
PHD869XHCasting8'625-60FastIn store pickup only
Phenix Black Diamond Rods
PSW808MHCasting8'15-40FastIn store pickup only
PSW809HCasting8'20-50FastIn store pickup only
PSW809XHJCasting8'25-60FastIn store pickup only
PSW868MHCasting8' 615-40FastIn store pickup only
PSW869HCasting8' 620-50FastIn store pickup only
PSW-S-808MHSpinning8'15-40FastIn store pickup only
Phenix Inshore Assassin Rods
PSW806L-ISACasting8'8-25Mod-FastIn store pickup only
PSW807ML - ISACasting8'10-30FastIn store pickup only
PSW866L - ISACasting8' 68-25FastIn store pickup only
PSW867ML - ISACasting8' 610-30FastIn store pickup only
Phenix M1 Inshore Rods
SMX-73MHCasting7' 315-35Ex-Fast$179
SMX-77MLCasting7' 710-25Fast$179
SMX-77MHCasting7' 715-35Ex-Fast$189
SMX-79HCasting7' 920-45Ex-Fast$209
SMX-711MLCasting7' 1110-25Fast$199
SMX-711MHCasting7' 1115-35Ex-Fast$199
SMX-82MLCasting8' 210-25FastIn store pickup only
SMX-82MHCasting8' 215-35Ex-FastIn store pickup only
SMX-82HCasting8' 220-45Ex-FastIn store pickup only